Plastic enclosures for vehicle telematics devices.

Aplicom Oy, a manufacturer of telematics solutions for professional use, and Gelecta have been working together since 2012. 

”The plastic enclosures for our products are quite complex. We were looking for mould experts and product manufacturers in Finland and neighbouring territories, but the truth is that few European companies can manufacture these enclosures,” says Jyrki Tuominen, project manager at Aplicom Oy. 

So attention turned to China, where there is no shortage of capabilities, However, the challenge was to find exactly the right, reliable suppliers whose technical know-how and quality were aligned with the criteria for Aplicom’s own products. Gelecta’s strong sourcing expertise and extensive network in Asia proved to be the solution. The total solution that Gelecta engineered for us has shown its strength and today, Aplicom utilises Gelecta to source all the most complex plastic enclosures for its products from China.

“Not needing to tie up our own resources finding mechanics simplifies and speeds up our own processes. The structure of our newest product, the Aplicom T10, is particularly challenging, not least because it’s watertight. We knew immediately that manufacturing would best be done in China and in partnership with Gelecta.”   

Through the years, the supply process has become a fine art, utilising the expertise of several service providers. Aplicom and design houses are responsible for product design, whereas Gelecta deals with the mould design and choice of partners in China. Aplicom is responsible for the final product purchase and manufacturing process, with direct coordination between its own production department and the Chinese manufacturer.

“We found a highly reliable partner to complement our own operations. The products we get are of top quality and comply with the specifications and criteria given. And schedules have always been met exactly as agreed,” Tuominen sums up.