Haltian Oy is a globally-operating Finnish provider of product development and device design. The company has another branch of business – a separate product suite of IoT devices under the Thingsee brand – which has enjoyed significant growth in recent years. Work with Gelecta has been particularly close in the design and product process of these IoT devices.

– We have found Gelecta to be a great partner in the fast-paced product development process for, among other things, concept stage prototyping and the manufacturing of parts using silicon moulds, which result in much more accurate and finished items than using 3D printing, says Juha Pikkarainen, project manager at Haltian Oy.

At the development stage of a product, it’s often difficult to estimate final production volume. Is the product for the wider market and large-scale mass production? Is it worth investing in expensive mould costs?
– A fast, cost-effective alternative to small-scale mass production is to use unhardened mould tools to manufacture plastic parts. These tools can be used to manufacture series of up to 20,000 items. Gelecta has been our partner in these processes, too and has helped us to get our innovations quickly to market.

– Besides their expertise and reliable production network, I particularly highly value Gelecta’s customer service. The speed with which they respond to requests for quotations and other enquiries is always exemplary. And what they promise, they deliver on, sums up Juha Pikkarainen.

About Haltian 
Haltian has been providing device manufacturers with world-class product design and engineering services since 2012. Thingsee, the proven IoT technology platform developed by Haltian, enables faster IoT launches for mass-scale deployments. In 2018, Haltian was heralded by research leader Gartner to be a Cool Vendor for its IoT services, and 2019 Haltian became an AWS Advanced Technology Partner as well as AWS IoT
competency certified platform partner. Haltian IoT customers include many global operators, such as Lindström and W.L. Gore. Haltian is also behind many global signature products, such as the Oura health ring. Its design for the Specim IQ hyperspectral imaging device won the coveted Red Dot Design Award in 2018. For more information, visit:



Finnish health technology company Monidor Oy specialises in the development of
medical devices. Its main devices are an infusion meter and IV Screen remote
monitoring solution, which help the work of nurses and improve patient safety in
intravenous (IV) therapy.

When we were designing the first generation of the device back in 2016, our partner
responsible for the mechanical design recommended working with Gelecta to source the mechanical components.

– For us, Gelecta is an important additional resource. Through Gelecta’s network, we
found a highly-skilled manufacturer of mechanical parts in China. Gelecta deals with the
negotiations and practical matters with manufacturers on our behalf, leaving us to focus on our own specialisation – the development of devices and software, says Seppo Puolitaival, Monidrop product manager at Monidor Oy.

The infusion meter and complementary IV Screen remote monitoring solution is a medical device with a measuring function and is therefore classified as a Class Im device. Class Im requires certification by a notified body.

– A company making medical devices must conform to the ISO 13485 quality standard.
The design and manufacture of medical devices are subject to very strict criteria. Similarly, the manufacturer of individual product components needs to understand and comply with the requirements of standards. Reliability and quality play a vital role in the manufacturing process, Puolitaival sums up.

Monidor Oy is a health-technology company founded in 2015. Our products are small, smart medical devices and digital health solutions. Our passion is to help the clinicians in their work and improve patient safety with simple solutions.


Plastic enclosures for vehicle telematics devices.

Aplicom Oy, a manufacturer of telematics solutions for professional use, and Gelecta have been working together since 2012. 

”The plastic enclosures for our products are quite complex. We were looking for mould experts and product manufacturers in Finland and neighbouring territories, but the truth is that few European companies can manufacture these enclosures,” says Jyrki Tuominen, project manager at Aplicom Oy. 

So attention turned to China, where there is no shortage of capabilities, However, the challenge was to find exactly the right, reliable suppliers whose technical know-how and quality were aligned with the criteria for Aplicom’s own products. Gelecta’s strong sourcing expertise and extensive network in Asia proved to be the solution. The total solution that Gelecta engineered for us has shown its strength and today, Aplicom utilises Gelecta to source all the most complex plastic enclosures for its products from China.

“Not needing to tie up our own resources finding mechanics simplifies and speeds up our own processes. The structure of our newest product, the Aplicom T10, is particularly challenging, not least because it’s watertight. We knew immediately that manufacturing would best be done in China and in partnership with Gelecta.”   

Through the years, the supply process has become a fine art, utilising the expertise of several service providers. Aplicom and design houses are responsible for product design, whereas Gelecta deals with the mould design and choice of partners in China. Aplicom is responsible for the final product purchase and manufacturing process, with direct coordination between its own production department and the Chinese manufacturer.

“We found a highly reliable partner to complement our own operations. The products we get are of top quality and comply with the specifications and criteria given. And schedules have always been met exactly as agreed,” Tuominen sums up.



It was more than ten years ago when the Finnish contract manufacturer Laukamo first ordered moulds from Gelecta. Their collaboration has grown closer over the past five years, and Gelecta has become Laukamo’s go-to partner for more complicated injection moulds for plastic products and even the serial production of finished products in some projects.

– With years of experience, we know the best suppliers for different product segments. Gelecta has shown its strength in demanding technical plastic products for our projects in areas such as health technology, optical products and lighting mechanics,” says Jarkko Lehto, Project Manager at Laukamo.

Long customer relationships with Chinese suppliers have increased mutual understanding and appreciation.

– The product development support that the Chinese suppliers in Gelecta’s partner network provide is an invaluable addition to our own and our end customers’ design processes,” says Kari Himanen, R&D Manager at Laukamo.

Both managers, who are responsible for product design and manufacturing processes, say that technical expertise and reliability are important criteria in the selection of suppliers. Add the excellent price-quality ratio and fast product delivery, and you have the foundations for productive collaboration.

– Our collaboration with Gelecta has developed over the years, and this has increased our process efficiency and significantly improved both our and our customers’ competitiveness,” Marko Laaksonen, Laukamo’s COO, sums up the financial significance of a good partnership.

LAUKAMO is a contract manufacturer that offers innovative and modern solutions in four business areas: electronics, sheet metal, injection moulding and liquid silicone rubber (LSR). The company also offers a selection of its own products for telecommunications networks and server rooms.