Every link in our supply chain holds

We have refined our supply chain to the highest degree so that your journey from concept to product is as fast, cost-effective and reliable as possible. Our many years of experience working
with our partners in Guangdong Province and our extensive expertise in the design and manufacturing process of mechanical products make the foundation of our strong supply chain.

Our audited supply network has been handpicked from among the over two hundred companies we have visited. The key qualities we look for when we select our partners include excellent communication and quick response time, reliability, advanced production technologies, efficiency and high quality at competitive prices. We have worked together with most of our partners without interruptions for over a decade now. Our Asian partners are located in Hong Kong and in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou and Zhongshan in the Chinese province of Guangdong.

A continuously improving process

The experience we have gathered over the years from countless projects has helped us make our
process seamless. However, we are never satisfied with where we are now but we are constantly
developing and improving our work in order to serve our customers a bit better each day. 

This seamless process and Gelecta’s expertise and experience also allow us to minimise costs at
different stages. Our experience in providing logistics services is a significant contributor to the
success of our projects.

Our contact persons in Europe and Asia are easy to reach. Our quote-to-delivery process is
extremely fast and reliable – and flexible when necessary.